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Enjoying new guitar IBANEZ RGD

Really pleased with my new Ibanez RGD. It's has a larger scale and feel very meaty and solid. Keeps the tuning great as well. Check it out here: http://www.ibanez.com/products/eg_detail.php?year=2016&area_id=3&cat_id=1&series_id=3&data_id=332&color=CL01


Tour of Russia/Belarus with DARK TRANQUILLITY complete

Thanks a lot Russia and Belarus! That was amazing! We had a great time and wish to come back ASAP!


Recording guest-vocals for DEATHENING

Yay! - a capella deathmetal-vocals - always enjoyable. Haha! :-D Recording guest-vox for the forthcoming DEATHENING-album. My first guest-vox-appearance - lots of fun!


Rehearsing with the mighty DARK TRANQUILLITY for upcoming tours! Awesome! Happy New Year everybody!


Kalle of Deathening/Embraced recording guest-vocals for NONEXIST

Alright! - tonight Kalle of Deathening and - one of my favourite Swedish bands EMBRACED: https://youtu.be/puxL7mzQans - check it out - made a brilliant guest-vocal appearance on the upcoming NONEXIST-release "IN PRAISE OF DEATH EP"! 


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